Welcome to my chemical space

I think it is appropriate for a first post to introduce myself and to set out what I am hoping to do with this blog.  There are a lot of blogs out there and it is a valid question from a reader as to why they should read this one.  

First up, my name is David Perrey and I am an English organic chemist living in the RTP area of North Carolina.  I’ve been involved in various drug discovery projects over the years, starting with a graduate school thesis on HIV protease to contract research in a variety of fields with Scynexis.  Since school, chemistry has been my favorite subject (even though I spelled it favourite back then!) and I love to think about the methods for building up molecular structures.  That has progressed to thinking about how such structures can be built to fill the binding pocket of a receptor or an enzyme.  I am also a fan, despite the intrinsic hazards and unsavory smells, of actual practical chemistry in the laboratory.  

I had thought about writing a blog before.  I like to write.  I like words (I circulated a Word of the Day to some of my coworkers).  But I never made the time to make myself write and as a result, I always had something “more important” to do.  Well, I have a little more time on my hands right now, so I no longer have that excuse.  It is even quiet in the house most of the day.  So, here I am.

In this blog, I aim to put down my thoughts and musings, develop my own writing skills a little, hopefully entertain any passers by.  We shall see how that goes.


2 comments on “Welcome to my chemical space

  1. rjcress says:

    Well, English David, it appears to be going well so far.
    Nice work.

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