Treatment for Insulin Spike

Came across an article in a journal which is found to be effective in treating an insulin spike, a condition where insulin levels get too high, usually due to skipped meals in diabetics. It was written in layman’s terms there but I have updated the language for the chemical community.

To a composite of fatty acids (approx. 225 g) was added crystal sucrose (225 g) and the mixture vigorously stirred via overhead stirrer. The initial yellow color in the oil pales, indicating initial reaction is complete. To the vessel was added portionwise a mix of albumin, protein and chloresterol (240 g) with stirring. Stirring was slowed and polysaccharide (225 g), sodium chloride (2 g) and sodium bicarbonate (10 g) were added. The reaction was heated to 180 C for 60-75 min. The reaction should become brown in color and solidify.

Formulation in a coating of sucrose and water aids in patient acceptance. Very reluctant patients can be induced to comply by insertion of wax cylinders into the formulation coating.


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