Prospects Update

A short post today, but I did want to update on how things are going.

Strangely, if I had written this post even a few days ago, I would have said something not too far from ‘well, not much is happening’. However, after seeing no reasonably relevant posting or opportunities for a while, as in the proverbial bus, two come along at once. That in itself is a reason to be more upbeat, but I have also had the chance to make contact with people and moved beyond the resume black hole that so often trips up the early phase of a job application.

I don’t want to get too excited here. After all, the competition will undoubtedly still be tough and I haven’t had anything more than a short phone conversation, but it has certainly revitalized me. I’m daring to think about what I will do for the next phase of my career, rather than half-formed ideas of what I may or may not do, or making contingency plans for if my transition ends up being longer than a few months. Plus, thinking more seriously about what to put in an interview presentation (there’s a topic for blog post).

Anyway, a good end to the week.


One comment on “Prospects Update

  1. thehav says:

    Good luck!

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