21st Century Job Search

Over the last few months, I have done a lot of reading about how the job market has changed, what you need to do to get a job these days and other great career-in-transition advice. I had the sudden epiphany that I should collect it together so I could find it again. So over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working on just that: collecting together articles from around the web, putting them in separate blog posts (together with my comments or notes on them) and linking to each from this central repository blog post.

The list of subjects I have drawn up (subject to severe and sudden alteration) is as follows:

General Job Search Advice
Resume dos and don’ts
Cover Letters
General Interview Advice
Difficult Interview Questions
After the Interview
Social Media in Job Searching (may end up adding additional links to different sites)
Blogging as part of a job search
Online presence
Job Application Advice
Getting Noticed
Informational Interviews
Preparing for and Recovering from being Laid Off

I’ll add updates to this as this project develops.

Update: I have added links for those that I have gotten a start on. Still quite a bit to add, but some of it is there now.


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