Difficult Interview Questions

All the work into getting yourself that interview will be wasted if you cannot give good answers to the questions a potential employer asks. Several articles talk about some particularly perilous ones.

Interview Questions and Answers some standard interview questions – good for a review and part of your preparation. Also includes some suggested answers.

The Most Dreaded Interview Question how not to answer the “what is your weakness?” question. (Update: sadly this link seems to be broken)

The definitive answer to the dreaded Strength and weakness question. answers why interviewers ask these questions and thus how you should answer them.

How to Answer Tough Interview Questions| Great answers to tough interview questions general advice on answering tough questions – several links to other articles at the site about specific kinds of question.

Answering Wild-Card Interview Questions what to do if you are oddball questions.

The Interviewing Cheat Sheet: 100 Resources for Interviewers and Candidates – an immense resource of interview-related articles, including many covering the tough questions, such as this one. Excellent advice and plenty to read.


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