General Interview Advice

For many, the interview is a stressful event and there is a wealth of advice for how to prepare, how to act and how to respond. Here I will concentrate on the preparation rather than the questions-and-answers.

15 Job Interview Horror Stories a lot of common sense stuff, but it often bears repeating.

Brush Up on Your Job-Hunting Skills more general advice – persistence, a positive attitude and preparation are key.

Job Interviews / Getting Hired’s Alison Doyle – links to a lot of advice.

Mistakes to Avoid at a Job Interview If You Really Want That Job! preparation is key, as well as good manners.

What to say in an interview & What not to say in an interview some tips on controlling what you say in an interview – sometimes nothing is the wisest thing to say. This site has several articles on different aspects of the interview.

How To Nail An Interview (20 Tips) 20 good tips with video to back up the point (in a how-not-to-do-it way)

Food for Thought on Lunch Interviews 10 things to do and not do in a lunch interview. Mostly just be sensible – but often that is what is worth repeating.

10 Interviewing Do’s – this is first in a series of interview-related blog posts, all are worth reading.

The Interviewing Cheat Sheet: 100 Resources for Interviewers and Candidates – immense resource of interview related articles. A lot here, browse at your leisure.


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