General Job Search Advice

General advice on the current thoughts on how to approach a job search.

The Job Seeker’s Top 10 List general approaches to gain an edge in the job market

Sourcing Opportunities (Online Job Search) good advice on making the best use of the internet in your job search.

27 Rules For Your Job-Search a pretty comprehensive list of what you should be doing.

Advice: Keeping Spirits High During a Long Job Search job searches take a long time – you need to keep at it.

Seven common job search blunders, and how to avoid them tailor your applications to the job, network, watch out for typos

The Stupidity of the “40 Hour” Job-Search Week and Why it is a Waste of Time a lot of people advise that you should treat a job search like a job – work 40 hours. This article advocates a results-based approach.

Seven observations from my day at the job fair some observations on what job seekers should and very much should NOT be doing.

Ways to energize your job search focus and set yourself goals – “click and apply” does not work.

Hundreds of Applications and Still No Job? note from Careerbuilder with general advice on the whole process of job seeking.

Downsized? Fired? Here are the new rules of finding a job excellent article about making your online presence an advertisement for you.


2 comments on “General Job Search Advice

  1. Morson says:

    Your’s general advice are better . I like it just keep it up.

  2. Looks like some really good information


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