Social Media In the Job Search

One of the biggest changes in the way jobs are found these days is in the area of social media. The rise of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed how we communicate with each other.

Job Seekers Find New Rules Of Recruitment NPR article on rise of new media

The best and the worst in social media for job seekers be aware of what you put up on the web – it can both help and hinder your job chances.

10 Part Series: Can LinkedIn Work For You? central piece of a 10 part series of posts on making use of LinkedIn

The Trouble With LinkedIn: Bigger is not better giant LinkedIn networks aren’t necessarily better – quality over quantity.

Make Social Networks Work for You reviews the virtues of different social networks and also has some general advice for making use of them.

Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile 3 excellent tips to make your LinkedIn profile better and to help you stand out.

Social networking key to a successful job search social network sites are almost mandatory for a successful job search nowadays.

How David Murray found a new job via Twitter putting Twitter to use as a job seeking aid (though it needs the people you want to talk to to be on Twitter)


4 comments on “Social Media In the Job Search

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  2. […] additional links to different sites) Blogging as part of a job search Online […] …Source:David Perrey Get the Job You Want Learn the secrets to uncovering the ’hidden’ job […]

  3. Social media has come a long way but it has been abused by marketeers. When I log on Twitter all I see is desperate tweets promoting the products nothing wrong in that but there has to be a fine line on what constitutes a meaningful message and marketing propaganda.

  4. David Perrey says:

    Twitter is quite crowded with people trying to figure out how to make it work for them and that definitely includes marketing people. Working your way through the noise and the mildly interesting can be difficult at times. I do occasionally find something there that makes me glad I checked on Twitter that day – some tweeters are more in line with what you want to talk about than others.

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