Job Search Update – I Found One!

It has been a while since I gave any update on how my own job search has been going. So here is the short version:

I found a job and start next week.

The slightly longer version:

I interviewed for a position at RTI International last week. I thought the interview went well, but you are never quite sure and who knows who else is being interviewed. But anyway, after a few anxious days of almost patient waiting, I talked to my recruiter contact. She told me that a decision was pending. She called back not 30 minutes later and offered me the position. I was delighted to accept.

The position is a one year contract initially. The funding comes from a grant and this one is expected to extend that period to two years. Beyond that, further grant funding will be required, either from applications submitted by my boss or myself. In any case, I was given the opportunity to make this a long term relationship, which I hope will work out very well for all concerned.

I’m going to be enjoying my week off (a true week off!), though I plan to blog about my transition before I start work next week. And I hope to continue the blog beyond that, though I expect my new role will shape how it evolves.


One comment on “Job Search Update – I Found One!

  1. thehav says:

    Oo, grats, David!

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