First post in a while

I’ve been in my new job for three months now. It is going pretty well, I think, making progress and settling in. I’m also enjoying the work and it is good to be at the bench again, making use of those now-not-quite-so-rusty synthetic skills. So all is good (I even get to play the occasional lunch time soccer game here), but it does mean I have a little less time for Other Things. A couple of things have suffered and this blog is one of them. (My wife will tell you the house tidiness is another).

I started the blog after I got laid off and now I am working again, it is natural that there should be less time to post. Combined with the issue of exactly what to talk about, the poor thing has languished since the euphoria of landing faded.

Well, I am going to try and update a little more often than once every 3 months. Hopefully with something to interest people. I did figure this blog to be ‘job-related’, so will keep the posts on the subject of chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry and the like. The job market should be a topic of interest for a while too, as we often talk about the things we don’t have too many of. I did wonder about turning the blog into a sort of diary of my work day, but I think that is a non-starter, as I will be forever debating about whether I should talk about something I am doing in lab out in a place where anybody might read it.

One of the other things that lagged with my re-remployment is my twitter account. I logged into it yesterday for the first time in … well, let’s say I was looking at it as often as I was blogging. I am going to start checking in there too, with a greater amount of my non-work side allowed out onto the social network. So maybe I will see you over there too.


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