Pzifer Closes Both Wyeth Sites in North Carolina

When you are looking for a new position, one of the things I was advised to do was make a list of the qualities in a company you were looking for: size, commute distance, type of work, ability to telecommute, etc., etc. One of the items on my personal list was ‘not involved in a merger’. So I didn’t really look too hard at openings that popped up under Wyeth’s name. The only one that springs to mind now was in Sanford anyway – a little far on the commute for me and in any case, I was not a good fit for the position.

Turns out that was the right move, as both the site here in Research Triangle Park and the one at Sanford made Pfizer’s list of sites they are closing. A nicely organized list is here. Bloomberg was where I read about it first; another good piece is on Fierce Biotech, linking to several related stories.

It is sad news for everyone, though I don’t think anyone is surprised there are site closing. Part of why they announced the deal was the potential cost savings as overlap between companies is eliminated ($4 billion annually, they estimate), as well as strengthening Pfizer’s position on biologics and improving their global reach and diversity. On the face of it, it appears this is a good deal for Pfizer, although those eliminated in the name of removing overlap will be unlikely to agree. It occurred to me that making the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world even bigger just made the world of drug discovery a little smaller.


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