Comedy in Pharma

The pharma industry has been decidedly low on laughs lately, other than of the black or gallows variety, but this week came two stories that can raise a smile in anyone.

First, courtesy of BNet, came the story of the Pfizer team that depicted their anti-seizure drug Neurontin as a witches brew and also referred to it internally as “snake oil”. The power point slides are awesome.

And today came the news about Rexahn Pharmaceuticals (courtesy of In the Pipeline), in which their drug Serdaxin did well in a Phase 2a study for Major Depressive Disorder but the study did not achieve statistical significance. The company’s CEO, King Ahn himself, issue a statement saying that no one understood their trial which wasn’t supposed to see significance and in fact did what it was aimed to do.


Luckily, laughter is the best medicine.


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