Fighting Flask Farming

How many recognize these little scenario? You need a 100 mL round bottomed flask and go to the drawer. But when you open it, all that is in there are those ones with the weird sized neck, one with a star crack that you haven’t put into be fixed yet and one that has a faintly visible white film across the bottom. But you ordered a case of them not so long ago. Where did they all go?

Of course, there are a few in amongst the dirty dishes, but only a handful. And then your eyes fall on the glassware stored around the lab, waiting for that glorious day when their contents would again be called upon to advance science or if not that, then find new ways to create brown. But there are surely not so many of those…yes, there is that one…and those two…and those other two in the fridge…and now you come to think of it, really rather a lot of your glassware is serving as more of a storage function as opposed to its intended purpose. But there are so many and it is such a pain to scrape them all out and you don’t want to lose any.

Luckily there is an answer. Behold!

Free your flasks!

Never more will your flasks be held to ransom by the vague possibility that you may one day need that alcohol or amine again! You can transfer them into a vial and put them away, never to have to see them again! Rejoice!

And now consider this scenario. You notice a cupboard door won’t close properly and you realize it is because it is so packed with vials. You gaze upon the scene for a moment, before reflecting “At least they aren’t flasks!”


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