Making Posters

My boss is going to a conference in Arizona next week and we spent this week making the poster for it. He had a PowerPoint template already, we changed things round, put in the new data and new structures, wrote our conclusions. Then we sent it back and forth a few times looking for typos and better ways to say things. On the way home last night, he dropped it off at Kinko’s and today we have a beautiful poster to put up.

It struck me that this was incredibly easy and convenient. The final result looks great and will be easy to put up on the poster board at the conference. Contrast and compare with the posters I did back in the dark ages, hand scribed by monks with quills and parchment. OK, not that last part, but everything was printed on regular paper and then attached to a backing paper, either a series of tastefully colored sheets or a single large sheet upon which the various pieces of paper would be arranged. Then at the conference, we would spend some time artfully arranging the various components so we didn’t look like we had been drinking heavily just prior to the poster session.

The toughest part of my current poster creation was persuading my computer to open the structures for editting, as my computer has Symyx Draw and the original structures were done using ISIS/Draw. There was also the part where Symyx and ChemDraw had a bit of a fight over who was going to be in charge of chemistry.

So though I miss the halcyon days of dropping a box of push pins on the floor and scurrying around trying to find them all as you have exactly how many you need for your 16 pieces of paper, I think I can put up with this new way of doing things. Somehow, I will cope with it.


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