Pharma Jobs Continue to Disappear

Following on from my post yesterday, a piece on Fierce Pharma serves to reinforce what I was saying.

This year, January to July, the pharmaceutical industry has shed 37,010 jobs, with over 25,000 of those coming in February. That might seem like a “the worst is over” moment but the article then goes on to note that companies might look to cut more in the 3rd quarter to make their bottom lines look better.

The final icing came from the note that the industry plans to add 100 jobs in July. A case of one step forward after a few hundred steps back.


One comment on “Pharma Jobs Continue to Disappear

  1. This article is so true, however just like any other industry, there are ups and downs. If you’ve been recently let go or are simply looking for a job, takes you directly to all the open jobs in the industry. Check it out!

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