Conference Calls

I have been short of time to blog recently and indeed have withdrawn from the hurly-burly of Twitter completely. Partly that was to get my head down and work on some chemistry without distraction, but also I have been out of the lab to a couple of conferences.

The first was a couple of weekends ago, the Carolina Cannabinoid Collaborative meeting in Bridgewater, Virginia. Part of my work is in this area, so it was good to get out and see what others are up to and this is definitely a smaller, less formal meeting. It turns out that mostly what other people are doing is biology, with examinations of the effect of certain proteins on the CB receptor and behaviorial work as well. Not too much medicinal chemistry for me to get stuck into, indeed of all the posters at the meeting, only one had any chemical structures on it (and that from a colleague at RTI) but it was interesting to hear the talks and meet a few people and realize how much biology I don’t know.

The second meeting was closer to home – right here in Durham, NC in fact. It was a one-day symposium honoring 50 years at RTI for Dr. Ivy Carroll As such, the talks were in his work areas and included discussions on nicotinic and dopamine receptors, with most research funding coming from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. There was even a talk from NIDA’s David Shurtleff, talking about opportunities for research funding within NIDA. There was also a very interesting session on bringing CNS drugs to the market, with discussions on why that was not happening so much these days.

With that extravagant travel, that is my budget gone for a while, so it is back to the lab for me. But it was good to take a quick look around before heading back in there.

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