Head Shaking Moments

I’m short of time for blogging this week, but a few things have caught my eye and made me shake my head.

A hugely wide-eyed view of the value of a Ph.D., with great comments by ChemJobber.

Sloppiness in preclinical research, a commentary in Nature. I saw this via Pharmalot, who also adds some feedback on the report. My favorite no make that most-head-shaking inducing part was the quote from one of the authors, who had talked about his finding to one of the authors of a paper which he had been unable to reproduce.

I explained that we re-did their experiment 50 times and never got their result. He said they’d done it six times and got this result once, but put it in the paper because it made the best story. It’s very disillusioning.

Disillusioning, indeed.

Another one, again from ChemJobber: C&E News reporting the worst unemployment data changed their headline from the online version when they printed it on paper. A lot of good suggestions for alternate headlines in CJ’s piece.

Some local news: I had mentioned the acquisition of Icagen by Pfizer before. Well, now they have changed their name to Neuventis. Uh huh.

We need a chuckle after that lot, so why not undermine professorial dignity with ChemBark’s look at some portraits? Or seek career advice from a Corellian smuggler?


One comment on “Head Shaking Moments

  1. Chewie says:

    That was some good career advice!

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