It Shipped Today!

I ordered a chemical a couple of weeks ago. It was fairly obscure and I was happy to get it for a reasonable price and from a company I trust too. Order placed, I got back on with other things.

A week or so later, I started wondering where it had gotten to. I don’t recall any back-order notifications. Other chemicals our group had ordered at the same time had arrived. Plus it was not the highest priority, so I merely shrugged and assumed that it was on its way. Any day now.

With a full 3 weeks elapsed since time of order, I finally get on the phone to our purchasing department. The lady there looks into it and I get the call back. It just shipped! I got it the very next day.

Now call me cynical if you will, but I never believe the line that “we just the minute got your order ready and we’re just putting it on the truck”. I mean, it could happen, but it just seems so unlikely that exactly on the day 21 days (not 20 days and not 22 days) after we placed our order, on the very day we call and ask, that they just this minute got it in the box for shipping. How uncanny that as you were pouring in the packing peanuts, the phone rang. That is quite the coincidence. It is like you were reading my thoughts that I must have broadcast telepathically. Astounding. Are you sure you didn’t just forget to send it?

Well, at least they did send it eventually.


One comment on “It Shipped Today!

  1. sammy says:

    or maybe they forget to send it to you… it could be,

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