Professor Harran Arraigned

As reported by C&E News (with further commentary from the ever-present ChemJobber), Professor Patrick Harran was arraigned in LA court yesterday, on 3 felony charges of labor code violations. The next court date is October 9th, when a preliminary hearing will be held and the court will decide if there is enough evidence to go to a full trial. The court entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of the defendant, whose legal team had objected to the arraignment even occurring.

That it has got this far is amazing to me. I fully expected some sort of deal would be made, but it appears that all chances of that have ended, with offers from the DA office being rescinded. Perhaps they will work something out. Perhaps they are banking on the testimony of the investigator being thrown out. That seems likes a very risky strategy to me. I agree with CJ, I never thought this would actually go to trial, but as it stands, it is a judge’s decision away from doing exactly that.


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