Giving Thanks

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, so I will do my own little thanks post.

First, thanks to everyone reading. This time last year, my subscribers and viewers was OK but it has grown steadily and now several hundred people will get to read my occasional utterances. My best ever single day was for a long time the day In the Pipeline added the blog to its blog roll, but that mark was exceeded by my 10 Nitrogens in a Row post. Mental note: include more stuff that blows up.

That brings me to another thank you: everyone and anyone who gave me the seed for a post. A couple of my co-workers in particular are often giving me ideas, including the 10 Nitrogens post and the series on the unidentified white powder. One lab mate will be telling me something and Will add “you should blog about that!” OK I will and thanks for the tip.

Thanks also to those who have commented or forwarded on the link to the blog. Beyond the odd tweet, I don’t really work that hard on drawing attention to it, relying on word of mouth (or tweet) to bring people here. So I really appreciate those who take the time, including Stuart Cantrill, Mr Nature Chemistry himself, as well as the irrepressible ChemJobber who has featured several of my posts on his own blog, all while somehow maintaining an impressive post regime of his own. Thanks, CJ for the links and all your efforts for the chem blogosphere.

Now it looks like it is time for dessert, so I will thank you all once more and hope to see you all tuning in for the foreseeable future.


Catching Up

Seems like the Chemical Space has been a bit empty of late, which is not down to me not having to write about but rather finding the little blocks of time to do it in. So doing the bigger bits of text that I have preferred to do has been even harder to complete to my satisfaction. But perhaps therein lies a solution – shorter, punchier posts. Sort of like Twitter but without a 140 character limit.

It could work. But like all good hypotheses, we shall have to do some experiments first to see if it is worthwhile.